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Yves Delorme is internationally acclaimed for its fine European linens and accessories for the home. It is part of the family-owned French company, Fremaux Delorme, which has produced fine linens since 1845. The company draws its strength and skill from more than 160 years of proud tradition, first as a manufacturer and now also as a worldwide distributor of fashionable linen collections for the home.

All of our products reflect a passion for the art of home textiles and combine the latest technical innovations with the most beautiful traditional materials. These luxury linens are distinguished by the uncompromising quality and meticulous attention to detail that is the heritage of French couture. In keeping with our fashion-forward approach, Yves Delorme presents fresh looks season after season, with a new collection each spring and additional introductions in the fall. Along with our fashionable annual collections, Yves Delorme has a range of timeless solids and sophisticated neutrals that blend with any décor.

The Yves Delorme collection is available in eponymous stores, in-store boutiques, and other fine specialty shops throughout the world. For the source nearest you, please consult our store locator.

Yves Delorme is a proud member of the Comité Colbert, representing the most prestigious French luxury brands that symbolize and promote the acclaimed French art of fine living.



The Evolution of Yves Delorme 1845–2005

The name Fremaux has been synonymous with home linen since 1845. Family-owned for more than five generations, the company draws its strength and skill from more than a century and a half of proud tradition, first as a manufacturer and now also as a worldwide creator and distributor of fashionable linen collections for the home. Its journey from a small weaving concern to a leader in the home textiles industry is an exciting one. Yves Delorme is an important part of the story.


One hundred and sixty years ago, Ernestine Fremaux and her husband founded a linen weaving business near Lille, France, in the traditional heartland of the country’s textile industry. The year was 1845, sixty years after Edmund Cartwright’s invention of the power loom began the first true mechanization of the textile industry.

A fire destroyed the original facilities in1867 but, with help from her nephew Paul Fremaux, who had joined the company, Mme. Fremaux rebuilt. The business grew steadily over the next several decades and a second enterprise, spinning cotton yarn, was added.


World War I proved devastating for the textile industry in northern France. Most of the towns were occupied and the mills were stripped of machinery, but the Fremaux company managed to move some of its equipment to safety in a nearby town. It was here that another corollary venture was established, that of weaving Jacquard fabrics for furniture and mattress ticking.

The rebuilding that occurred in the post-war period provided an opportunity to re-equip facilities along modern lines. At this time, René Fremaux, Paul’s son, joined his father to run the company. In the 1920s, fitted with salvaged machinery and new looms, Fremaux mills were running 16 hours a day with double shifts. The primary business at that time was producing yarns, sheeting, Jacquard fabrics, and clothing fabrics in pure linen and in cotton.

By the mid-1930s, the company’s weaving capacity was at an all-time high. For the second time in less than 30 years, however, war destroyed most of the company’s assets. The rebuilding began yet again and, once more, it provided an opportunity for modernization. Francis Fremaux succeeded his father, René, and, with the help of many talented and devoted executives and workmen, a complete reorganisation was undertaken. Automatic looms replaced mechanical ones, and production increased dramatically after World War II.

The advent of globalisation and easy access to foreign goods, combined with the initial consumer appeal of man-made fibers, brought challenges in the form of cheap textile imports. The company weathered this difficult economic period through a series of mergers, and then made the strategic decision to add retail to its business mix.


In the early 1980s, Dominique Fremaux, Francis’ son, began focusing on the production of home linen for the retail market and established subsidiaries in the United States in 1983, the United Kingdom in 1989, and China in 1995. It was during this stage that he met Yves Delorme, a designer particularly well known for bath products, and the two decided to join forces. Fremaux expanded its product offering to include towelling by acquiring Société Delorme in 1989 and, in 1992, began opening shops under the aegis of its leading brand, Yves Delorme.

Yves Delorme combines the latest technical innovations with the most beautiful traditional material to create a contemporary world of elegance and sensuality. Made from natural fibers in the purest European tradition, the linen collection is known for its creativity, outstanding quality, and the care lavished on the tiniest details, a characteristic inherited from French haute couture. In recent years, the collection has expanded to include decorative accessories, fragrances, and furniture, encompassing not just bedding and bath, but a range of lifestyle products. As proof of its success, the company was elected to the Comité Colbert, an association of the most prestigious French brands that represent a quintessentially French style of luxury and design.


Today the company that Ernestine Fremaux created 160 years ago has become one of the longest continually operating textile manufacturers in Europe. While the organization has expanded and diversified into other areas, the founding priciples of close-knit teamwork, attention to detail, and loyalty to partners have remained. And Fremaux is taking this tradition around the world.

In 2002, the Fremaux group became Fremaux-Delorme. The new name symbolizes the group’s expansion and honors its flagship brand. Yves Delorme is now distributed in 450 stores or shop-in-shops in 45 countries.

Fremaux-Delorme’s legacy of excellence stands out in the story of its people and its progress, as well as in the products it offers to consumers. Generations of tradition are woven into every sheet, every towel, every tablecloth. When you purchase Yves Delorme linens, you are bringing this heritage home.