January Display Beds

Jan 26, 2016 by


All pieces in Etrevert (As photo below)

low-EtreVert-lit (1)


Bed #2: Prisme Nude/Miroir Nude
D/c; Prisme Nude
Flat Sheet: Prisme Nude
Fitted Sheet: Prisme Nude
Euro Shams: Miroir Blanc
Standard Shams: Prisme Nude
Boudoir Shams: Prisme Nude
*** If you have a Miroir D/C in stock, feel free to use a Miroir D/C instead of Prisme***

low-PrismeMiroir-pubH (1)


Bed #3: Walton Saphir/Triomphe Saphir
D/C: Walton Saphir
Flat Sheet: Walton Saphir
Fitted Sheet: Triomphe Saphir
Euro Shams: Walton Saphir
Standard Shams: Triomphe Saphir
Boudoir Shams: Walton Saphir
Coverlet: Triomphe Saphir, Cocon Saphir (If you have stock)





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